L2 Newcomer (No WSDC points) - You know the basics and some variations, but are not necessarily confident on the dance floor. You want to improve your techniques and add more patterns to your WCS. The pace of instruction will be Slow/Medium.

L3 Novice (WSDC Novice points) - For confident dancers, comfortable with music and rhythm, and dancing experience (both in workshops and social dancing). The workshops will not only introduce spinning, extension patterns but also more complex lead/follow techniques, styling and musical interpretation. The pace of instruction will be Medium.

L4 Intermediate (WSDC Intermediate points) - The workshops will include more complex patterns and techniques suitable to prepare you for the next skill level. The pace of instruction will be Fast.

Advanced/Allstar (WSDC Advanced/Allstar) - Workshops will include techniques,concepts and the highest difficulty level. The pace of instruction will be Fast and Demanding


PLEASE NOTE: We will automatically assign your workshop level on your current WSDC status.

Having said that, we appreciate that not everyone competes and just loves WCS for the awesome dance it is!
If you feel you want to move up a level (excluding Adv/Allstar) we will offer a small audition process to assess your level on Friday at 4pm in Room 1 and in Room 3 at 00.45am after the midnight meal.
We want to allow everyone to have the best learning experience possible so please only go to your assigned level.
Thank you for your cooperation.