OUR VENUE for 2020!

The Hotel Mercure Gdynia


The Mercure is just down the road from the shops and restaurants.. AND.. only a 5 minute walk to the BEACH!


Price Per Person Sharing a Double/Twin Room Including Breakfast ONLY 190zl (45€ per night approx depending on exchange rate) In high season!!


The Mercure is only a few minutes more by Taxi or train than our Old Baltic Swing venue in Gdansk!


Day Spa, Gym, Full Sized Swimming Pool, 500sq/m Ballroom, Chill Out Area, Late Night Bar!

Travel to the Mercure Gdynia Centrum

Railway Station

GDYNIA GLOWNA (Central Train Station - 1.00 km / 0.62 mi)

Hourly trains from Gdansk Airport - Gdynia Głowna  - cost 6.50zl (1.5€) per trip - Time 25 minutes. There is also a train which goes to Gdansk Wrzeszcz and then you have to take the main line to Gdynia Głowna - Time 1hr

Here's the link to view the times - 

Link for train times

The train station you need to get off at is called Gdynia Głowna (Gdynia Central). It’s about a 10-12 minute walk to the Mercure, but a taxi will cost you approximately 10zl (2€) with UBER.

From the railway station, take 10 Lutego street, then turn right into Świętojańska street and left into Armii Krajowej. Basically, head toward the main Beach and you can't miss it!


GDANSK LECH WALESA (24.00 km / 14.91 mi)

Arrival at Airport

It would be best to withdraw some Polish Zloty from the cash machine out of the main entrance and to the right. If you don't have Polish Zloty, some of the taxis take card payments but you have to ask for this when ordering your taxi. 

Taxi Recommendations 

Taxis will cost anywhere between 35zl and 90zl (8 - 20€) depending on what Taxi company you use and the time. the trip will take around 20 - 30 minutes depending on traffic. If you want a Taxi that carries more than 4 people, this will cost around 55zl - 90zl (13 - 25€) You will have to order this when you phone. If you arrive/depart 22:00 – 06:00 you may pay a little more because it switches to a Night time charge  

Hotel Address – Mercure Gdynia Armii Krajowej 22, 81-372, Gdynia 

Here are our Taxi recommendations -

'UBER' if you have this, use it! It really is the cheapest way to get around the City. Download the app, subscribe to the service and you won't have to give over any money, it comes straight off your card! Easy! ;)

'MY TAXI' is another Uber type ordering service, it's a little more expensive and you can either pay by Cash or your linked account.

'CITY Drivers TAXI' - http://citydriverstaxi.pl/cennik/ - One of the cheapest Taxi companies in town, you may have to be patient at rush hour times though.

'AIRPORT TAXIS' NOTE: If you take one of the Airport Taxis, they usually wait directly outside arrivals, this will cost around 80zl – 100zl (19-23€) the most expensive option. Ask them for the price before you jump in! ;) 

If you arrive/depart 22:00 – 06:00 you may pay a little more because it switches to a Night time charge.