Baltic Swing T&C’s

Baltic Swing T&C’s

  • Disclaimer: Baltic Swing or the Hotel is not responsible for loss or damage to your valuables or personal items. Please take any items with you or ensure you have adequate personal insurance to cover any expensive items you bring to the event.

  • Disclaimer: The event staff reserves the right to remove any person (or persons) who present(s) potential harm, danger or disruption to themselves or anyone around them while attending the event.

  • Disclaimer: You understand you are voluntarily entering into a physical activity and agree to release 'Baltic Swing or any of it's representatives' from any liabilty which should occur from any accidental injury or Illness.
  • Your wristband ticket must be worn at all times. Do not remove it at any time.

  • Seating is open and shared for everyone. Anyone who wants a front row seat is invited to sit on the edge of the dance floor during performances.

  • Video recording and photography is welcome during all contests. Video recording is only restricted during the special exhibitions. Good Internet etiquette requires that you get permission before publishing identifiable videos of others.

  • Hotel Regulations: Outside food or beverages are not allowed in the meeting rooms per hotel policy.

  • If you discover you are unable to attend for any reason before an event you may transfer your registration to another dancer, please see the cancelation policy on our website

  • Contest Refunds Entries may be withdrawn and a refund issued through registration up to 1 hour prior to the session entry deadline. Withdrawals or scratches made after that time will not be refunded.

  • Wax, powder or any other foreign substance may not be used on dance shoes or dance floors.

General Contest Rules All participants agree to:

Please read, know and follow all contest rules. Ask questions in advance.

  • Respect contest staff, your partner, fellow competitors, and the audience.

  • Exhibit good sportsmanship.

  • Refrain from using vulgar or offensive gestures.

  • Register and pay the contest entry fee prior to the published deadlines.

  • Pick up your competitor number prior to the scheduled closing time for onsite registration.

  • You must check in with the competitor coordinators in the staging area 10 minutes prior to the start of each round of each contest. If you do not check in you may be scratched and forfeit your entry fee.

  • Contests with fewer than 5 entries (couples) may be cancelled. Entry fees for cancelled contests will be refunded.

  • Entering a contest indicates consent to unrestricted use of your name and likeness in photos and videos to appear in future promotions.

  • Complete scores from all contest rounds are available through the event website after the last day of the competition.

Strictly Swing Contests

Sign up with your partner. We pick the music. Different skill levels are offered. Each is a separate contest. Couples will dance in heats for several short songs. If more than 15 couples enter a division there will be a preliminary contest followed by a final round. Judges will evaluate the couples based on their demonstration of good social dancing skills, timing, technique, connection, lead and follow, presentation and showmanship.

  • Strictly Swing partners may not dance together in more than one Strictly Swing contest

  • You may enter more than one Strictly Swing contest by "Dancing Up" with a partner of a higher level. You may not ‘Dance Down’.

  • Skill divisions [Novice, Intermediate, Advanced/Allstar]:

  • A couple’s Strictly Swing skill division is determined by their WSDC Jack & Jill levels. If partners in this contest are of different WSDC Jack & Jill levels, the couple must enter Strictly Swing at the higher skill level.

WSDC Jack & Jill Contests

Jack & Jill contests allow individuals to enter without a partner and demonstrate skills in spontaneous dancing with a variety of partners.There is an inherent “luck of the draw” factor involved. Leaders and followers are randomly paired. There will be several partner changes during the preliminary and semi-final rounds.

Competitors are scored individually on timing, technique and teamwork in preliminary heats. Those scoring the highest will be called back to dance in the next round. In the final round, individuals are randomly paired, then scored together as a couple.

The DJ picks the music. Tempo and style will vary. All songs will be appropriate for the dance division entered. There are divisions for different skill levels (WSDC), divisions with age requirements. Onsite registration for all Jack & Jills is limited. There are strict entry deadlines.

  • You may only enter 1 WSDC skill level contest.

  • Sophisticated and Masters are not WSDC divisions.

  • Levelled WSDC West Coast Swing Jack & Jill divisions- The World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) Points Registry determines eligibility for these levelled West Coast Swing Jack & Jill contests. Look up your level here: Competitors are responsible for entering only contests they qualify for. If you haven’t earned any WSDC points you should start in Newcomer. A competitor may only compete in one WSDC skill level.

WSDC Skill Level Divisions:

  • Newcomer - This where you start! First time competitors and those with no prior competition success should dance in Newcomer. To enter you must be competent with the basics of social dancing. You may continue to dance in Newcomer until you have earned 10 newcomer points.

  • Novice - For competitors with some prior experience or competition success. Competitors with 30 or more Novice points must move up to intermediate.

  • Intermediate - Requires previous competition success in the Novice division. You must have at least 16 Novice points to dance in Intermediate. Competitors with 45 or more Intermediate points must move up to Advanced.

  • Advanced - Requires previous competition success in the Intermediate division. You must have at least 30 Intermediate points. Competitors with 60 or more Advanced points earned within the last 3 years must move up to AllStar.

  • AllStar - Requires at least 45 Advanced or higher level points OR 3 AllStar points earned in the previous 36 months.

  • Champion - You may dance in this division if you have 150+ Allstar points or any Champions points.

  • Petitions - A competitor with exceptional circumstances may submit a formal petition for a level change. Petitions must be submitted via this link no less than 48 hours before the competition begins. Dancing in the wrong division without a successful prior petition may incur disqualification. Petitions can be submitted for one skill level up